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Earthy international Surat, Gujarat Based Company. It is one of the leading Exporters of agriculture commodities, flour, fruit, vegetables and so on. We are committed to bringing you the best available products along with the highest standards of quality at optimum price. We always strive to build lasting business partnerships with our clients by offering the best value proposition for the trade.

Our Goal: - By creating united, sustainable, and independent growth in the global market, we want to achieve long-term company success.


To grow our company as much as we can in order to help all farmers worldwide receive the best product for their business growth, thus influencing global progress towards a brighter future. We are committed to providing our customers with a high-quality product and have the best management team.


By putting quality, value, and service first and striving to satisfy all our customers, stakeholders, and employees, we may become the market leader and establish a solid reputation in the import-export sector.